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Friday, November 24, 2006

Maristel blogs: At LONG LAST

AT LONG LAST!!! :) I'm all well! Glad to be back from a nutshell! *lolz* Good to say that I'm blogging once again... Nonsense stuffs or what, I don't care...

Just wanna say THANKS MUCH for everything... I may have been sick for days but that doesn't made me stray too much from blessings, from the friends I've met @ the Virtual House... from the people I loved the most... My family who was so dear to me...

You just can't really predict life... You may feel gloomy, lonesome and sober today but what you don't know is that THERE ARE A LOT OF MUCH BETTER THINGS and PEOPLE will come your way... I'm glad I did found few people I should be thankful for...

AM I SAYING THIS BECAUSE IT'S THANKSGIVING DAY?!? NAH... Because, I'm VERY MUCH GRATEFUL to those PEOPLE I OWE MY LIFE with... To THOSE PEOPLE who CONTINUES TO UNDERSTAND the REAL ME... Well, just a few of who new found friends... :) Life indeed is a different walks of "individuals"... Maybe here, there, everywhere, but as long as you all "connect" no matter the "misunderstandings you had, it doesn't matter coz what MATTERS is THE FRIENDSHIP YOU BUILT and HOW MUCH YOU'LL TREASURE IT...

I'm all well now guys... I hope we could all control the peak of the boiling point,,, I believe that whatever it is... We can DO IT! :)

I'm happy din, coz I now have - MY kaTROPANG GISING! *lolz* Basta! I hope, kaya pa di ba? Yun naman ang importante... I don't care much sa differences nating 8... Basta alam ko, masaya... We're enjoying the game... Hakuna Matata! No worries! :)

To all those living abroad naman... Happy Thanksgiving! I hope and I wish I'll have a bit of taste of the FAMOUS TURKEY (whatever or however you guys prepare is) you guys have *lolz* Well, Well, Well... Si CHRIS! Pare! *hahaha!* Happy Thanksgiving din sa'yo... Whatever past issues we had that passed, "churi na!" thanksgiving naman na eh... So, accept my apologies na... Harhar! Hmf! Di ako sanay ng merong di kasundo eh... Miss you pal! :) naxx! Kitams! Special mention ka pa! :) Ang turkey, pwede, penge! *lolz*

Yan oh! Mukhang masarap eh! Napanoo ko yan kay Martha Stewart! Haha! I know how to do it na... I have an idea where to buy... Saw a lot @ Unimart, pero siguro - mas masarap, kapag galing sa kaibigan... :) *lolz* Anyways... Nothin' much! Jolly na ba ako sobra!?

To my half-sister Nica... Happy Birthday in Advance... Hope you'll have more happy & better life... You're still young and you deserve everything! Just want you to know, that "Ate Tin" is just around... I'm just a call or text away... You know how to find me too... And likewise... :) I miss you! :) Wala lang... Guess you're missing much and missing a lot... Well, we're just the same... Been missing a lot of funs and stuffs about family... But this I tell you... In times of need, everyone may be out of sight or nowhere to run with and go with... AKO?!?!?!?! Just here... Just let me know... Kilala mo naman and you know how Ate Ting treasures somebody especially kapag mahalaga sa kanya... Just be safe always... :) Love yah sis... :)


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