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Friday, November 24, 2006

"I was online the whole afternoon" -Mica

I was not able to attend two subjects yesterday. Blame Lecel haha

I am a certified PEX addict and since the forum is cooperating with me (lagi kasing server busy), I got addicted to posting at different threads again specifically Katrina Halili, IyaChoy, Chx Alcala and Rico Barrera’s Thread. I miss PEXing. I miss my PEX Family L

I was online the whole afternoon. I found out that Friendster not banned anymore! Yohoo! :cheers: Uploaded some pictures and visited some of my friend’s profiles. Gave out some testimonials and I hope I get one back J I also miss answering surveys.. I used to copy all the surveys and post my own answers. I can freely do that again! J

The only thing I hated when I am opening some of my friend’s profiles are the videos and the super ka-epalan CSS codes. I can actually put one in my page but I chose not to. I get so irritated with that.

At 6PM I went home to eat some corn with my lolo and my loving kapatid Carlo. We ate Adobong Manok for dinner. I ate a lot haha J

Transferred some pictures from my Camera to the Laptop to the USB and now in the Internet! Katrinians from Pinoyexchange are pretty excited with my Ubong . I hope kumita ang GIGIL. It’s a feel-good movie. Katapat pa man din ang Happy Feet

This morning, I woke up with 12 received msgs sa globe and 15 received msgs sa smart. Wow ngayon 1AM tuloy na ako. Big Improvement!

Pumasok ako ngayon 1PM sa Network Technology class. Nakalimutan ko na wala pala kaming class dun every FRIDAY!! (anong tawag dun?!? hehehe )


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