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Sunday, November 12, 2006

"I cant write a long diary..*as if nagsulat akho ng mahaba*.." -Kashen

+_^ rily have a busy week..i admit..i cant go online pag gabi coz sobrang pagod kho and d kho na rin kya magpuyat..darn...den tamabk pa ung mga activities sa school lalo na sa financial studies..grr!! hate it! but ofcors kailangan gawin..and tambak din pla mga activities sa vhouse..hmf..madalas kong nsasabi na missed ko nga mga confe ee true namn na miss kho nha..hmf

+_^ i cant write a long diary..*as if nagsulat akho ng mahaba*..coz im doing my research now..harhar..till here!!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Huwag na umeksena ung wala na sa scene..u look so trying hard and freaking fugly sl*t HUMANIMAL..lolx..if i we're u do good things than to talk and to talk na non sense naman and sayo rin ang bagsak ng mga pinagsasabi mho..darn...and dnt flatter urself coz the truth is hindi ka kagandahan puro ka kase fats and oil sa katawan..harhar..*nice thought* lolx..

bbK if u give me a penalty pts for this..i swer i will hate u..everybody will love my thought..especially the ms sossy PORKYPIG *oink oink*!! harhar..

Kashen collected 8 evicting points: 2 for using foul words, 2 visiting the site and another 2 for reacting on the comments of an ex-ASVH and 2 for a wrong update. She has been warned(forced eviction) for deliberately violating the house rules.


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