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Friday, November 10, 2006

How did ASVHs vote?

Majority of ASVHs who participated in the 2nd Nomination assigned their evicting points to Trish and/or Ian while the minority followed "evict-Trish-or-Charles-and-save-Trish" voting scheme.

"ELVIRA", obviously was Trish for she cannot assign any of the points to herself and everybody either assigned his/her evicting or saving points to Trish, chose Rommel as the recepient of her 4 evicting points and Charles for her 2 evicting points.

Codename/ASVH: 4 evicting points, 2 evicting points, 2 saving points

"Oreo": Trish - Ian - Marge
"BATISTA BOMB": Trish - Ian - Marge
"Sharpay Evans": Trish - Ian - Kashen
"HERBENJ FASHION": Trish - Ian - Paolo
"Captain barbie": Trish - Neil G - Gee
"Sinful Tiffany": Trish - Mica - Charles

"MASAHISTA": Marge - Charles - Trish
"Orange Kat": Marge - Charles - Trish
"RICO YAN": Charles - Marge - Trish

"ELVIRA": Rommel - Charles - Ian

*Kenneth and Marge

*Kenneth and Marge did not vote and were penalized with 5 evicitng points each.


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