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Thursday, November 16, 2006

How ASVHs voted?

A group of five ASVHs gave their 4 and 2 evicting points to Ian and Kenneth, respectively (except for one who did the opposite. They gave their 2 saving points to Marge, Maristel, Charles or Rommel.

Mica and "PARIS HILTON" assigned their 2 saving points to Ian or Kenneth and 4 and 2 saving points to Marge and Charles.

"OTOKE" gave his/her 2 and 4 evicting points to one of the foursome's and the duo's chosen evictees, Marge and Kenneth, respectively.

"Valkyrie Profile" and "Sumatra King" did give their 4 and 2 evicting points, respectively, to Ian and 2 saving points to Charles or Gee however the former gave his/her other evicting points to Rommel (2 evicting points) and the latter, to Neil G (4 evicting point).

ASVH - 4 evicting pts. -2 evicting pts. - 2 saving pts.

"Porky Piggy": Kenneth - Ian - Marge

"lLINCON 6 echo..": Ian - Kenneth - Marge
"Sergonia": Ian - Kenneth - Maristel
"CHICOSCI": Ian - Kenneth - Charles
"Windows Vista": Ian -Kenneth -Rommel

"Valkyrie Profile": Ian - Rommel - Charles
"Sumatra King": Neil G - Ian - Gee

"OTOKE": Marge - Kenneth - Neil G

"PARIS HILTON": Marge - Charles - Kenneth
*MICA: Charles - Marge - Ian

Kenneth did not vote. *Mica violated a nomination rule.


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