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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gee blogs: Republic of Geeahne

Haha, since I've thought that my name is the most unique name in the world, I've searched the net to find if there are human beings possesing that precious name. Ironic no? I've just written na naniniwala akong my name is the most unique, and then I'm searching stuffs... Haha!

Anyway, for the results, I've seen some of my sites ( friendster account, multiply, myspace and siyempre, blogdrive ), pero walang katukayo ko ( as in the same spelling ah! )... Pero there's a result that's so different from what I've expected... Hehe...

"Republic Of Geeahne"...

Whatta? Haha!

Yes, same spelling!

I wonder what's in my Republic, I mean in the Republic of Geeahne... Hmmm, to know more about it, click

Haha! It aint unique then... GEEAHNE... Oh well, at least there exists a republic with my name ( though it wasn't named after me...) hahaha!


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