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Monday, November 06, 2006

Gee blogs: Miss Devious Smile's Lil Angel...

Aw! She's sooo cute! She's my goddaughter... INAANAK! Her name is Rica Irish, AICA na lang for short... She celebrated her 2nd birthday last Sunday...

Ayun, I really love this kid. Actually, although I like babies ( ang cuuute kasi... hehe) I found kids irritating. As in! Lalo na pag maingay and makulit! Ang sarap patulan (bad! haha...) But this precious lil angel changed my mind... Super kulit nya pero super sarap alagaan kasi she's sooo sweet and all that... Bibo pa, marami na siyang alam na english words and it seems like dadaigin pa niya si ninang nya sa debate someday... haha! hayyy... Cuteness! hehe...

A pic with her Ninang and Mimi... ( My mom.. hehe)

Ayun, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Mwaaaahnessss!!!!


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