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Monday, November 27, 2006

Gee blogs: I'll be there someday... I can go the distance...

And now, we're here!

Around 5:00 in the afternoon, I accidentally met my former classmate and friend in La Consolacion College in a jeepney. I was sooo happy to see Carla, my fellow aspiring UP-ian... Oooopsss... That was before, because we're already UP students, and I'm thanking her because she was the one who inspired me to work hard and aim for the top...

Actually, it never came to my precious mind that I'll be jammin with this very GIRLY lad. I find her intellectual and friendly but we were not really that close. And yet, it's so weird to think that she even influenced me to be VAIN. Haha! My knowledge about what's hot and what's not in MAKE-UPS came from this self-proclaimed "Maarte" girl... And then, I know, I'm "Maarte" too... Haha!

So what's the reason behind our closeness? Well, actually, seeing her this day made me remind of my not-so-good experience in that SCHOOL. Oh well, it's not about the school, it's about our previous classmates who were as shallow as hell. I've experienced being isolated by my so-called friends in that school and good thing she, together with a girl named Kenneth were there to save my 1st sem... And then, we were so shocked to discover that we share the same thoughts and hobbies, like writing journals ( yes, we were even reading each other's, haha!), beauty stuffs, LONDON, BOYS, DARING MOMENTS (haha!) and some RANTS with our undescribable (haha) classmates and, also, our SCHOOL.

Yes, we don't like our school. We both don't like ( some of) our school's way of teaching. For her, maybe because she was studying there since birth and for me because I am not used in an exclusive school. There are lots of reasons but I think it's better to keep some (haha!).

And for that, we strived hard to get high grades to be able to transfer in our dream University. And, boom! We did it!

Anyway, after seeing her, we decided to stop in McDo Katips to catch up. Hahaha, I'm recruiting her to join TE but, oh well, i'll let her decide. So okay,,, REMINISCING ( fave phrase )..... We've talked about our NICE and NOTSOGOOD past, shared about our latest beauty secret ( since she thinks that my skin is getting fairer), we've laughed and laughed until we had to cry ( jokeness! haha... part of a song lyrics..). Well, there was a time when the talk became serious... Sort of Reflections about that NOTSOGOOD past.... That all things are blessings in disguise... That everything happens for a reason... That we are meant to be where we are now... Those NOTSOGOOD experiences brought us here and made us to be what we are now... And then, we were so amazed after realizing that WE DID IT...




*Thanx girl! Without you, I won't be here...


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