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Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Di na talaga ako sumama" -Maristel

Most tiring day everrrr!!! Well, ito nga ang dapat kong i-expect... Di na ako sumama sa Event namin @ Adamson with the SPONCOLA... Crush na crush ko man si Yael... Di na talaga ako sumama... I'd rather stay here and wait for calls & confirmation...

Actually, I did confirm ONE BIG EVENT on the 28th of November.... The Event would be CODE PINK, and it'll be at Market, Market...

Happy na din ako kahit papaano... Pagod man, but it's all worth it... Kahit gaano pa ako mapagod and all and importante - EVERBODY HAPPY! Sana lang magtuloy-tuloy na nga yung swerte!

Later, i'll work on my pad and check on the possible digits I'll be receiving... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Gusto ko na mag-SHOPPING... Malapit na ang Christmas... Ang mga inaanak ko, waiting, nakapila pa...


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