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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gee confesses: WALA na akong magagawa

Okay, I got evicting an evicting point...

By saying that word, it means that I've violated this rule:

Using explicit, obscene or vulgar language or graphics anywhere in PBBFG Board, Yahoo Messenger, shoutbox, e-mail, Friendster and personal blog will not be tolerated

Okay... WALA na akong magagawa! Anjan nah! As always!

By saying THAT word to my FRIENDS na actually I've changed na spelling pa ( like what I often do...)... May evicting point ako...

Nagka-evicting point ako because I've said a word that has a lot of meanings... It can be literal, an expression or the OBSCENE blah-blah... SO, Pag sinabi pa lang, HAY*P SA GALING, may evicting points din? And somehow, you said kasi na the intention doesn't matter...

Do you think na I've cursed them or something? May kasama bang angst yun? Minura ko ba sila? Was the sentence read and analyzed? Well... I know all of us here naman are intelligent enough, but I know I'll be judged...

Well, well, well, I know that you rule... kakasabi mo lang... I just justify the act that I've done... The act of giving me such point well, oo nga, nakagawa ako ng against sa rule mo... Against? Oh well, how I wish that the word CONSIDERATION was given to THAT ACT or violation... whatever!!!


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