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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maristel blogs: Begginning to be Obnoxious.... *lolz* (sometimes)

Oh my! Well... Just finished saying my comments from a friend's blog...

A bit obnoxious right now... I don't know if it has something to do by what I just whiffed... Most likely, I am starting to be a bi-atch once again! I hate this feeling... But just to get things straight. Someone must have provoked me and it pissed me off! I abhor her! I don't know but this girl is starting to act as if "SHE OWNS EVERYTHING". You know that type. I don't know... But she's this coc*y lady and the "I KNOW IT ALL" type.

Even from the start, I know that what she's saying isn't true. More like "story telling a lie" and I hate it! If she wants to be heard... Why don't tell me "STRAIGHT UP". Also, she's so judgmental in a way. She wants to get even with everyone. She envies a lot of people for reasons I don't know. She say mean things to all the people I love the most. She hates everyone and I guess she hates everyone. More like, she's against the world. She don't want to get along with other people.

What she may opt - will definitely affects all the people around her. I just can't handle an individual like her. All my life, I've been this very accomodating type of person... I do adjust with the people around me. I don't people want to see people making the adjustments because of me. As much as possible, I want things in way that it'll be worthy of anyone's time. But a person like her, I don't know... I guess, she's just teaching me how to hate someone so bad that will make and drive you nuts.

What I hate the most pa is, yung konting bagay... TAMPO na agad... Like, I don't want to talk to her na daw... This and that!!! How can she utter those phrases when I myself haven't heard from her. OH MY! My, oh my! You have a life of your own. If you don't want other people to dislike you - act in a way na medyo maintindihan ka naman namin.

You're too young... Too fragile, yet you want negative outcomes and feeback na agad. That's what you're wishing naman. Alam mo yun? You want to cause trouble and problem (as always). Nakakaasar na... I don't want to stoop down at makipag-level up sa'yo...

But one thing lang... One more word from you, ewan ko na lang talaga. Call me insane, pero isa na lang talaga... UGALI mo, ASAL. You're a real FAKER and you know what... I'M NOT INTO A PEOPLE LIKE YOU...

You hate me, I don't care... I'm not the type of person who wants to please everybody... Pero, once I've said what I have to say... That's it! If you want to cause fight - DO IT... That's your BEST naman... That's what and who you are.

I'll just wait for the right time. Guess 10 years from now, tignan ko na lang, kung ano mangyayari sa'yo... You even underestimate MY FAMILY, my clan... I don't care... I just do wish and pray na lahat ng sinabi mo against US, won't come back to you and kami na sinabihan mo ng di maganda, tawanan ka...

Wish you well...Wish you BEST... Ipagpatuloy mo huh..?


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