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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Charles blogs: Excuse Me for the Word

I posted last time that I have started my last semester in college. And I’m glad that I will be graduating. So, this morning, we had met our Buhay at Katha ni Rizal at ng iba pang mga Bayani professor, Dr. Dionisio Rivas, and we started on some topics we need to cover.

Philippine Normal University, as you all know, had celebrated its 105th Foundation Day this year, making it the oldest State University in the Philippines. PNU acquired its University Status during Aquino’s Administration, 1991.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos considered to transform the then Philippine Normal College into a university under the name, Doña Josea Edralin Marcos Memorial University. But of course, that cant be done since Doña Josea (FM’s mother) is still alive during those times.

A year after the debunking of DJEMMU, a certain Bureau of Public School official suggested the name Philippine University for Teacher’s Academy. In short, P.U.T.A.!

You can imagine to be answered when one ask where my school was? Sa PUTA ako nag-aaral! Or, isa akong PUTA! And,

It was a very stupid suggestion! But it was a laugh! Anyway, I can’t imagine calling my school a PUTA, who would want that?

Thank God, hindi natuloy yung suggestion!


  • Wala akong natatandaan na naging proposal noong panahon ni Marcos na ang PNC ay ipangalan na PUTA o kaya ay Doña Josefa Edralin ...

    Ang alam kong proposed name noon ay Philippine State Teachers' University (PSTU).

    By Blogger kabitenyo, at 9:03 PM  

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