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Friday, November 24, 2006

Charles blogs: 007

As part of my birthday treat, I treated myself and Christian for a movie at SM North EDSA. We had a big problem deciding what to watch - I want Happy Feet, he wanted 007 - finally, we I gave in. Last post, I promised to give a full review of 007.


James Bond’s 21st movie is a smash hit, if you let the penguins loose. Happy Feet defeated Agent 007 at the tilts, but 007’s adventure and actions-packed moves deserves its praises. Before the movies was launched yesterday (in local cinemas), many film critics is doubtful of Daniel Craig’s potryal, but he showed the he is the right choice. Thanks largely to Daniel Craig, who is more an actor than the hunk that a young Connery has painted of the James Bond character or the suave playboy Connery’s successors.

So, on with the movie. Casino Royale is the movie to watch this weekend. The latest in the 007 franchise, it is perhaps the best Bond film using the latest movie technology available today. It amazes me when it picked up at the middle. The first few scenes look liked it dragged on forever, talking and hushing, in black and white picture. The storyline brings us into 6 different territories, from Africa to Europe and to the US.

The theme of the movie, “You Know my Name”, fits very well to the movie. It tells that people knew the name very well. The plot is good enough, considering the movie came is an adaptation of a book. The script, 4 out of 5, and cinematography is excellent.


I liked the high jumps from steel bar to another, from building to building and from rafts to bridges. It amazes me how Hollywood creates these scenes and how Filipino Movie Industry can’t. Another notable scene from the movie is the tanker chase in Miami Airport, and especially when the terrorist detonated the bomb attached to his belt (- credit goes to James). And of course, the hot sexy scenes where James Bond and his Le Chiffe’s wife made things up.

The climax in the show, in my point of view, is the poker game which is held in the newly declared state of Montenegro (formerly in union with Serbia, known then as Serbia and Montenegro). One of the final scene of the movie was the collapsing of an old building in Venice. The effect was so good, one would wonder if it is digitally mastered or was it made to collapse. Anyway, the last scene, of course, was the tag line, “My name is Bond. James Bond.” [Teasers]

Additional: Watching in SM Cinemas is not that great. For films like James Bond, Harry Potter, Spiderman and other big movies, I recommend watching it in Gateway Mall in Cubao, PowerPlant in Rockwell, ATC in Alabang, or if available, the only SM Cinema worth watching in, the IMAX Theater at SM Mall of Asia.


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