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Thursday, November 02, 2006

ASVHs' final message to Jomar

Neil G: I believe u made d right decision. Joms, i know wer uncomfortable living inside the house already. i know how u felt. frendship was all u wer after and u felt u didnt get that.

Dnt worry bout it, hndi mo man nafeel na importante ka sa mga housemates, im pretty sure may concern din cla sa u. wag ng magdamdam. setting the game aside, u have gained frends already..... u jst dnt know that.

Bilib nga ako sa u kasi although ang laki ng age gap mo from majority of us here, nakasabay ka pa rin. Good luck, mr boy wonder.....

Rommel: Oh boy, why? what happened. I think you're full na. That's why you have decided to leave this house. Ddont worry na lang u have accomplished a goal, joms, you gained a friend here. Actually before, in season 1, i did not like you, i thought it would be you who'd be evicted first but this season, you proved me wrong, you are nice and comfortable to talk with. So, thanks for the friendship and always be true all times, thanks, maybe they don't understand you taht much but I do. Ggood luck..

Paolo: Kung galit ka man saakin wala akong magagawa. I tried my best na mag-kaayos kau ni Ate Mats pero ang iniisip mo na cya ang kinakampihan ko. Kung galit ako sau hindi na kita kakausapin. Naawa tlga ako sau nung sinabi saakin ni Gee na tumawag ka sknya at umiiyak.

Ayaw mo kasi maniwala saakin nun eh na may ngyaring masama kay Ate Mats kaya ndi cya nakapunta. Cguro nga dhil sbi mo 2 times n nya ginawa un cguro nga tlgang ayaw pa ni God na magkita kau. Believe me Jomar. Everything has a reason. Cguro maiintindihan mo un pag pinakita sau ni God kung ano ang reason. Good luck na lang sau sa studies. I know you can always do it.

Charles: Jomar. I just wish you good luck. Alam ko na lahat ng desisyon na ginawa mo ay tama.

Maristel: FINAL WORDS... Thanks sa lahat. For all the INSPIRING WORS... THE HARSH WORDS... It's all fine with me. I know how you feel. But just a piece of advise...

You should have empathized how and what I felt... Never really thought that a YOUNG 13 year old kid has all the capabilities to be IMPULSIVE and JUDGMENTAL and who happened to be CONSIDERED as A FRIEND is now getting off the limits... I know you've said "gusto mo maayos" and that's what I wanted to emphasize yesterday. But you flooded me with MEAN MESSAGES, ok lang... 32 font size... Ok lang. That's how I am, kahit nasasaktan na, nakikipag usap pa din...

Wish you well kid. Goodluck na lang

Kashen: Jomar.. para na din kitang lilbro..but mas mtanda ang lilbro ko in real life sayo.. well just be a good boy as olweys..and the very important is STUDY HARD! and i know naman na ur doing it.. so god bless!

Gee: Oh well, first of all I want you to know na tinakot mo ako! hahaha... anyway, I hope na happy ka sa naging decision mo and hindi mo pagsisisihan ito. I'm really happy na you've said that your sorry na kay Ate Mats... I wish magkaayos na kayo...

Un lang bro! Study hard! Make it to the top! Byesh!!!


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