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Friday, November 10, 2006

The 3rd Battle - ASPBBFG: Deal or No Deal

Two groups will battle for the 4 saving points bonus and a chance to use his/her immunity in the 3rd Nomination. First group is composed of the kikays: Mica, Gee and Maristel. Second group is composed of Neil G, Paolo and Kashen. It is noteworthy that the each group has at least 1 VH from the 3 seasons of PBBFG.

1. Each group has to choose 1 member who will play as "banker"
2. Remaining members will choose the set of brief cases (there are three sets: set A, B and C)* that they will use in the game.
3. Remaining members will choose one briefcase
4. The "banker" from the other team will make the deals
6. There will have 2 separate games (simultaneous)
7. The group with higher winnings wins

*Shuffled on November 7 and stored in Facade board which is password protected


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