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Monday, October 30, 2006

This week's reward and penalty points

Maristel and Gee got 3 saving points each for winning The 2nd Battle. Kashen got 2 saving points as VH of the Week.

Five ASVHs were rewarded for their blog updates. Gee and Maristel received 2 saving points while Charles, Kenneth, and Mica received 1 saving point each.

Kashen and Marge received 4 evicting points for not updating their Diary and Confession thread this week. Kenneth, Rommel and Ian each earned 2 evicting points for not confessing or making a diary entry this week.

Four ASVHs did not participate in this weeks activity. Charles, Ian, Kenneth and Rommel each received 2 evicting points. Winner of Lapida activity will get 3 saving points.

Mica, Kashen and Paolo got 2 evicting points for discussing a guest's post on Oct 26, 2006, 11:41am:

Mica: sino naman si blue?
Lil_kashen02 Mendez: hay nako
dyan na nga kayo..hmf..gutom na tlag akho..><>
Pao-pao: mica
Pao-pao: anong blue? Mica: yung fan ko na naman ata
Mica: kakakita ko lang
Lil_kashen02 Mendez: harhar..
Pao-pao: hala
Pao-pao: naks
Pao-pao: lyricist and bue
Mica: sana musician na lang ginamit nun
Mica: para MUSICA haha
Mica: naks
Lil_kashen02 Mendez: harhar

Gee and Ian got 2 evicting points for visiting the game blog and talking about it.

(Oct 26, 2006, 7:17pm)
Gee Ahne Kathrene Giray: hahaha... bbk? what's with the new post!
Gee Ahne Kathrene Giray: well well well...
pbbfantasygame: what post?
Gee Ahne Kathrene Giray: How did ASVHs vote?
pbbfantasygame: so you visited the blogsite?
pbbfantasygame: what did I tell you
Gee Ahne Kathrene Giray: okay... i'm sorry!
Gee Ahne Kathrene Giray: evicting points for me...


(Oct 28, 2006, 8:10pm)
ian: bbk!
BigBad Kuya: what!
ian: bat mo di sinali ata codename ko sa final tally (benjfix) wala dun eh!
ian: pansin ko lang
BigBad Kuya: nandun
BigBad Kuya: saan?
ian: ung pinakarecent mong tally!
BigBad Kuya: nan dun
ian: wala nga sabi
BigBad Kuya: patingin nga
ian: eto title.. How did ASVHs vote?
BigBad Kuya: what did i tell you
ian: huh?
BigBad Kuya: you cant discuss anything n nsa blog
ian: no not that one
ian: ung tally mo entitled How did ASVHs vote?
BigBad Kuya: yes
ian: alis nako kuya


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