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Monday, October 30, 2006

"Wasting money again haha" -Mica

I'm here right now in Netopia.. wasting money again haha

Woke up with a smile on my face this morning. Carlo was singing "DOOBEDOO" of Kamikazee and I saw my grannies doing the exercise thing! (let's get physical! hehe).

We ate bola-bola for lunch. Gallivanting at the malls ang drama ko after. I am with Kenjo and her friend Tin and we just ate something in MC Do. Saglit lang ako dito just to check out what's going on.

Medyo asar ako sa Friendster at YM. Why? dahil sa mga threats na kesyo magshutdown na tsaka mga virus. grrr

Bagyo pala sa Pangasinan. Hay naku...


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