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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This week's Reward and Penalty points

Ann, Jomar, Mica, Neil G and Trish have 3 saving points for winning The First Battle. Neil G also won the First Activity receiving 2 more saving points. Kenneth, Marge and Paolo, each got 2 saving points as VHs of the Week.

Seven VHs were rewarded for their blog updates. Jomar got the maximum 3 saving points. Charles, Rommel and Gee received 2 saving points each while Kenneth, Mica and Maristel received 1 saving point each.

Two evicting points were given to Ann and Ian, Mock Nomination topnotchers. Kashen collected 7 evicting points and Paolo with 2 evicting points for violating house rules.

Ann and Kenneth were penalized for not updating her diary and not confessing this week. They got a total of 4 evicting points each. Although Charles, Ian, Jomar, Marge and Mica confessed at least once this week, they did not have diary update. They got 2 evicting points each.

Ann did not participate in the 1st Nomination, Kashen's ballot was sent after the deadline while Rommel failed to include his codename. They were given 4 evicting points each.


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