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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Paolo confesses: ndi ako GALIT na GALIT sa salitang immature.

...and Ursula strikes back. Oh my gaahh. How annoying is that. I can't stand her annoying words what more kpag narinig ko na cya magsalita. I have a lot of quotings to do. tama ba spelling? hehehe. Wow I can't believe she would react that fast. Madaming galamay tlga. Here is her personal message for me. How touching is that?

Quote:PAOLO - I understand you.... kasi i know na inlove ka.... and bakit ka GALIT na GALIT sa word na IMMATURE? ganun ka ba? eh bakit kasi halos maglupasay ka sa galit? Ang pagkaka-alam ko kasi pag di guilty ang isang tao eh di magrereact! now, who's not plastic? are u sure u're doing that for urself? sigurado ka bang yan talaga ang gusto ng self mo or u're just doing that to impress someone?haaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a really funny message hahaha. ndi ako GALIT na GALIT sa salitang immature. Ini-emphasize ko sau para maintindihan mo kung ano ka. haha. So Pathetic. Immature ba ako? yeah sometimes. Kaka-18 ko lng and yep I still have that kid inside me. Ikaw ba ilan taon na? Oh I can't remember eh. Yeah you got the point. kaya nga ako nag-react dba umamin ako na nag-vote ako sau kaya Here I am saying the things that are meant for you. Ooooh yeah, one more thing, Am I doing things to impress someone? Oh Please that's such a lame, lame excuse. Pretty darn stupid for the people na wala ng masabi. "Now who's not plastic" Ooooh Isn't that such a stupid quote. kc parang pinatatamaan nya sarili nya.

Oooh wait. Is that it? Aww man. That's a short message it must be hard replying on all the messages of the people who doesn't like you. Fortunate me, I will only reply to one. I want to hear from you again. Keep 'em comin.


x's and o's does not represent hugs and kisses for this matter. Please!


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