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Monday, October 30, 2006

"My Mom, almost threw my cellphone through my face" -Maristel

VERTIGO - a sensation of motion in which the individual or the individual's surroundings seem to whirl dizzily...

I've encountered that for so many times na. Especially, when I do really lack sleep... So, maybe because of too much work and stress it happened to me again... I was just having this cute bonding with my friends Margaret & Paolo... We're exchanging text stuffs... All the things they did... I was much eclectic, for I know, I'll be meeting her na! Around 8am, I was all ready and dressed. I just decided to lie down for a while. Guess, reminiscing my moments with this "chris" boy... I even told Marge that, finally! I'm feeling this happy feeling again... Love is in the air moment...

Anyways, before anything... This Vertigo thing has been nothing but usual to me... Whenever I feel this chills on both my earlobes and can't hear a single thing, my body's all cold, I know that's it. So I checked myself in front of the mirror. Saw my lips all pale and white. So, I texted Margaret, that I'll be taking a nap for a while... I really don't know what happened... But my cousin Bane told me that the 2 cellphones I was holding just fell from were I was lying. So she cheked on me, and she checked my temperature. She was terrified when she touched me daw, kasi my body's so cold na... So she woke up my Kuya and told him what's happening to me. My Kuya called my Mom from the other house and told my mom about my condition.

Around 6pm I was just shocked to see myself surrounded by white walls... And saw my Tita who was checking up on me din. I was like "What on earth am I doing here?" So they told me about everything. What happened and all... My Tita gave me a medicine daw and that I've been losing a lot of chance to rest na. I just can't imagine how that happened to me! My Mom, almost threw my cellphone through my face... She was oozingly mad... 23 Missed Calls and 31 Messages Received... She's not into indulging private things... But what drove her mad was a message from a fellow VH saying, that was for her was foul! My mom told me that she replied on that text and it didn't end there... The person texted back, and that person is well aware who he's texting with... My Mom was so mad in a way I've never seen her before... She even told me, "See... You're giving that kid your time even your time for work, and then you'll receive that kind of stuff!" She even told me that, "You even prepared something for that kid... Pa-gift-gift stuff pa. Okay lang si Marge, pero itong isa, nagmumura pa... Sinabi ko na nga na dinala ka sa ospital... Di niya maintindihan."

Anyway, to cut it short, I was rushed sa Hospital and because of some lame texts from that kid, my mom's health naman ang in danger... Di siya pwede magalit, hypertensive kasi siya. Nag aalala lang din ako sa Mom ko... I guess, it was never my intention naman na magkaganun ako... GUSTO KO BA NA MANGYARI SA KIN YUN? NEVER! Super, excited pa nga ako! Tapos, eto pa mangyayari... Well... That's life... Tama nga c Hunnybee... "masyado daw kasi akong friendly..."

Well, thanks Hunnybee for that... That just lifted me up through the high ground (again)

Real life update, was unpredictable... After thegravestone, tombstone, headstone (lapida), epitaph thingy... We all don't know what's gonna happen pala... See? I've lost touched to the people I'm looking forward to meet... Well, what more now? I don't know...


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