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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Maristel confesses: I know that everyone deserves a second chance here

Well, last night I did vote for the First Nomination... But of course, made a thorough decision that I know might lead into distance or misinterpretations... I just don't know why this is getting strange lately. Before, we used to have only +2 evicting points and -2 saving points... Now, the process bacame more destitute... But still - I do hope that we all made the right decision on who's worthy enough to stay and leave the virtual house... We all have this certain criteria in choosing here, we're all individuals who may have or may not have the same aspects on how we're gonna process our game in the long run. But still, whatever decisions we may have done are all depending on how we see it now. You may see or read this the wrong way or right way - but what 'am trying to say is that we're all responsible in our actions. We may have a bunch or circles of friends here, but that doesn't mean that - we do choose someone for the company itself, but because we all know that we all have differences as humans and that we just want to do the right thing possible.

Some virtual housemates,might have been wronged or worst, walked on someone else's here. But I do believe in CHANGES... That if there's one permanent thing in this world it's CHANGE. People, may have done things the hard way, they may have hurt someone or the other way around. Still, I do know that no matter how rough, mean, harsh they were, I know that in due time, we'll all see the true colors behind these persons... They may have wronged someone... They may have caused sullen reactions from our fellow virtual housemate, they way have been the wicked one, STILL... I know that everyone deserves a second chance here.

Ian, who I just sent a personal message last night. I do have this thing in mind that the you weren't able to read the second message I sent you. I know that I should not take things the bad way. I know that you have this grave stuffs inside your mind and have said things to the persons who nominated you for the mock nomination... Well, just to be brief girl... MOCK, to treat with contempt or ridicule... to disappoint the hopes of... DEFY, CHALLENGE, to mimic in sport or derision... SIMULATED or FEIGNED... (pagpapawalang kabuluhan, panunuya) I MAY HAVE DISAPPOINT YOU & YOUR EGO ON THAT NOMINATION (I'm sure I did...) but from the mechanics itself for the mock nomination, it's just a dry run. Just a question though, DO YOU THINK THAT I, GIVING YOU MY 2 EVICTING POINTS PUT YOU INTO DANGER? Direct answer though, in my opinion... I think it did not. I don't know why you have to be fussy with regards to that issue. I do understand what you're saying... I myself will feel bad if I see myself there. But that's how it's done. I do, tell you that IT'S ME, not for you to HATE ME or INDIFERRENT ME or ABHOR ME... You even replied on my 1st message and told me "CHE!" I remember vivdly that I responded with "Che kdn!" But voting you for mock nomination doesn't necessarily mean I no longer like you... Why am I still texting you, checkin' up on you and even updated you on this game? Just one answer though, no matter how mean we saw you before I believe that inside me, my concern is YOU. Get mad if you want to, it's alright with me...

Trisha, get well soon.
Mica, how come I don't ran into you here anymore?
Neil, hope brownout's over... About the other day, not that big-a-deal... There are more time and of course makakapagBond pa din naman tayong lahat.
Jomar, #1 caller ko ito! Mega kadaldalan and ka-Chismax ko... remember "2 balls" for billiards?
Ann, I kept on texting you ha? How come no reply? Anways, take care girl!
Charles, great to hear from you last night... Glad to hear your voice din...
Gee, take care always girl... Ang aking kaTropang Gising! GO GIRL!
Kashen & Paolo, Way to go! Wish you both the best... Song mo ba for Kashen yung "Here You Come Again"? lolz...
Marge, the best ka talaga sis... Hope to hear from you ulet... Cancelled bigla yung event namin tomorrow... So I guess, I'll see you either 27 or 28...
Rowen, i'll keep you posted of course... I'm just a text away...
Kenneth, malapit ka na ba naming i-WELCOME HOME?!?! lolz...

Till next... Miss you guys!


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