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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Maristel blogs: A Day After The Next

Nothin' much... People here sort of panicked last night coz there was this guy who was some kind of "AKYAT BAHAY"... Bystanders were holding stones, good thing my cousins arrived and one man said that, someone was on the roof and they should check out the house. I was still online that time and was having this intense and tawdry chats... But, still I thought it was just a joke, till it was my kuya na, who said, that we should call the tenants who were renting from my Tita and that we should talk to them and tell them that they should always lock the gate. Our place, I say, isn't that tranquil nor a place where you'll breathe fresh air... Our place has always been the battle ground. I once said, "Manibago na kayo, kapag biglang tumahimik 'tong lugar na'tin..." It may not be an ideal place for everyone, but this is were I grew up. This is were I learned to appreciate things and determined rights from wrongs. What more should I ask for, right? Basta, I do pray and made it a habit... I know that as long as someone up there is watching he'll never keep you out of sight. He'll never let any thing or anybody harm us.

Everyday and everynight, I've always been one of the few paranoid persons here. Every night, before I get to sleep - I do always hear creepy steps from our roof, so I do make it a point that I'll have something near me that I can grab anytime whenever or when time comes that I or we'll need it on hand. I'd rather lose stuffs than lose the people I've loved and cared for...

So, in short not much for the whole day. Except that, I received this message from my client asking me, what time we are setting up at Empire East Tower, Tektite, Ortigas this Friday for their Halloween Party. Anyways, I'm gonna meet some friends din - so I'm gonna tag along with the guys for that party... Just can't wait to finally see my friends na!


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