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Friday, October 27, 2006

Kenneth blogs: So what am i suppose to be feeling right now?!

ok… so how a person, stucked in Vancouver for 3-damn-long-years and now finally going home, should be feeling right now. I mean i dont know what to feel, I thought i was gonna be exciting as hell, and like super super super “cant-wait” to get there, but ironically, its the other way around.

Personally i dont feel like going home, if i culd just go home around SPRING BREAK then that would make things a lot more easier for me. I mean seriously, this is no fun. . . I DONT FEEL LIKE GOING HOME! I SERIOUSLY DONT… feel like someone’s holding me back…





well, sad to say but yes… i’m not doing good in Chemistry, so as Math and missing 2-3 weeks of school wont help… on the other hand, I’m starting to think about Pinas… what its like to be there, how drastically it changed, my old friends… some few people i havent seen for so long…

were leaving soon, in about 48hours and I still didnt finished packing up my stuff… judging base on what i planned to bring with me… I might need 2 medium-sized luggages. I NEED TO PACK UP!… I’m been putting this aside since last week, i didnt wanna pack my stuff that early cause i might still wear them… and pullin them out of the ‘finished-packed’ luggage is a hustle.

and i have to remind my mom to write a note for my principal… my Chem teacher told me I need that… i might as well ask my mom to make one for my councilor just incase. I didnt know it was gonna be this much hustle, I mean i havent had my hair cut yet, no alcon contact lense solution supply, no gel, no hair wax… damn it!.. i need to go ‘last-minute-shopping’ like always.

oh well, it’s grad photo time… I registered for artona and booked an appointment already… its gona be on Nov.25th 11:40am! and guess wut, I’ll be back here on Nov.24.. and the morning after that is my Grad Photo session.. lets just see how huggard and wasted I would look on that day!… WAHHHAHHA


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