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Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Jowi is one of the TRUEST" -Maritstel

You never knew how much I love you
You never knew how much I care
A glimpse of you is enough
To calm my restless heart
We are friends
We laugh. We hug. We talk.
But you don’t have a hint
You knock me off my feet
But I’m not in a hurry
Cause I don’t want to feel sorry
I’m happy with the company we’re sharing
Though in my heart there’s always a longing …
…To hold your hand when you’re afraid
…To fulfill your every need
…To hear your every breath
…To love you ‘til death

(",) just sHaring this to all my friends here inside the virtual house... sa mga inLove..

I have handfull of handpicked friends and Jowi is one of the TRUEST... Family na yan... MGA DISENTENG MEDYO BASTOS... hmpness...


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