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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jomar confesses: I hope that all of us will be rational enough when we talk

Ay naku, ayaw ko talaga ng mga ganito.

I just want to get this thing settled para masaya na ako.

Kung kelan naman school-fair tsaka dudumugin ako ng problema.

Sorry Ate Ann for giving you a vote. If only you communicated more.
Sorry Kuya Charles for being such an immature person. Thanks for making me better.
Sorry Ate Gee for being a papansin. Thanks for giving me a knock on my head.
Sorry Kuya Ian for the past happenings. Thanks for giving me a new chance.
Sorry Ate Kashen for not being open-minded about your case. Thanks for giving me confidence about my algebra.
Sorry Kuya Kenneth for being as immature as ever. Thanks for trying to be closer to me this time around and I'm glad you gave me a chance.
Sorry Ate Marge for being a wrong-timing caller. Thanks for giving me happiness in the game.
Sorry Ate Mats for calling too many times a day. Thanks for being my best friend and I'm glad that you are always there for me.
Sorry Ate Myx for being extremely irrational. Thanks for telling me the truth.
Sorry Kuya Neil for not being able to listen to your side. Thanks for communicating with me though you have limited time.
Sorry Kuya Pao for being immature. Thanks for giving me a chance.
Sorry Kuya Rommel for not being a good friend. Thanks for being one even though I'm not.
Sorry Ate Trish for ALL THE SENSELESS BICKERING THAT I HAVE SAID. Thanks for having the effort to call me and attempting to settle things.

I feel that my butt is about to be sliced. But before I leave I'd like to see the vHouse in peace. I hope that all of us will be rational enough when we talk.


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