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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jomar blogs: Fair!!!
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Freaky Fair Day is finally done, and YES, it is definitely better than last year's.

FRIDAY: 10.27.2006
Got to school at around 7 a.m and I had a good talk with Garnamond people while I was putting our juice powders inside the containers. Then I looked for black cartolina (Thanks to some Physics teacher, Ma'am Torralba, I think xD) and made a poster which looked fuzzily fine. Then I immediately went in to set up. But I was panicking because there is no electricity. We weren't able to open at 9AM because we still had to wait for Camia and Champaca to get their extension cords. When the Camia-Champaca extension cords finally came in, they immediately got them plugged, so we got our first customers immediately. They were 4 Sampaguita people. Three got Cappuccino and One got melon. We weren't able to make Orven's melon immediately because the utility person didn't wash the pitchers immediately. So, sorry Orven! Then there came Koko's mango, and RJ's choco. I made cappuccino instead of choco, that's why I had to redo it. But since my time expires at 10am I just left them with instructions and I went biking. My shift was stressful, so I had to relax. I just roamed around the whole day, bonded more with Garnamond... and, uhhh, had a really insane time with the girls wearing green army shirts! They were Povedans and they are evil trike drivers! I really had a good time with them. They brought me to the clinic at around 1pm because my head hurt so much and I stayed there for about an hour. When I finally got out of the clinic, I watched Beat the Geeks and I found out that too much action happened when I was away (e.g. Andrew Fajardo, Richard Librada and company got pied.) EJ was a hilarious geek. Basta, it was really funny. I went back to the booth just to know it was closed already, and we had really good sales! Then I roamed around, spent time in the BRHM (Dad had a meeting there) and finally went home. I'm sad I didn't get to see Ma'am Orate and Ma'am Guiloreza model.

SATURDAY: 10.28.2006
Went to Pisay at around 8:30 am and did my usual morning rites (e.g. bonding with Garnamond)... and just played around. I spent around 5 hours in the front lobby, desperately waiting for the PBBFG VHs. No one came, but I wasn't set ablaze. Nothing much happened.

But here's the important thing!
I have never been jailed, bathed, pied or whatsoever in any fair or carnival up to date!!!

Hey! Think that I AM Jejo!


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