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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"It feels good when you are with your most trusted friends" -Mica

After posting my diary entry yesterday, Kenjo, Tin and I went to Starbucks at Promenade Mall. Yep, My treat!

It feels good when you are with your most trusted friends. Kenjo had been there with me thru thick and thin since high school. We became "Ka-TOKS" nung seatmates kami dati sa Rutherford. Never expected this friendship since she's a bit boyish and I'm a bit weird back then haha

She keeps on teasing me because of my failure of not studying here in Manila. I took the UPCAT and SLU entrance exams and luckily, I passed. Unluckily, my dad did everything to stop me on pursuing my dream to study outside Dagupan. Now I know why.

Went to Manila Memorial to visit my Dad and some of my relatives. Parang Kailan lang kasama ko rin siyang nagtitirik ng Kandila para sa mga lolo't lola niya. Ngayon, siya na ang inaalalayan ko ng bulaklak, kandila at mga panalangin. My Dad died at Age 40 due to Aneurysm. Most of my friends and relatives were feeling sorry for me back then. Thanks to their support and I was able to move on easily and continue with my life..

Ayan na naman nagiging EMO na naman ako.


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