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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How did ASVHs vote?

Based on the votes cast by 13 ASVHs in the 1st Nomination, there are two groups in the virtual house: first, the solid five-person group composed of "Nacho Libre", "Spanish Eyes", Rommel and Kashen who wanted to evict Trish and Mica, and second, the cluster of 6 ASVHs composed of "Slither", "Broken Glass", "JUSTMYIMAGINATION", "ZOEY", "Benjfix" and "Phineas Radley" who wanted Rommel, Kashen or Ann out of the virtual house.

"Tokyo Drift" and "Stars-are-blind" gave the impression of being with of the first group, however the former wanted Rommel and the latter wanted Ian out of the virtual house instead Mica, the group's second choice for eviction.

Although the solid five-person group and "Tokyo Drift" and "Stars-are-blind" had the number to voted out Trish, two of their ballot was invalidated plus Trish earned sufficient saving points. Ann's absence in the 1st Nomination and several penality points favored the foursome. Ann was evicted.

Codename/ASVH: 4 evicting points, 2 evicting points, 2 saving points

"Stars-are-blind": Trish - Ian - Kashen

"Wild Ponies": Trish - Jomar - Kashen
"Nacho Libre": Trish - Mica - Kashen
"Spanish Eyes": Trish - Mica - Kashen
Trish - Mica - Kashen
*Kashen: Trish - Mica - Maristel

"Tokyo Drift": Trish - Rommel - Maristel

"Phineas Radley": Kashen - Ann - Maristel

"Benjfix": Kashen - Ann - Trish
"Slither": Ann - Rommel - Mica
"Broken Glass": Ann - Rommel - Trish
"JUSTMYIMAGINATION": Rommel - Kashen - Ian
"ZOEY": Rommel - Kashen - Mica


* Ballot was invalidated
** Did not participate

Kashen, who received four valid saving votes or -8 saving points during the 1st Nomination, is the new VH of the Week.


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