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Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Gosh! For the 1st time, I missed Super Inggo" -Charles

I was, of course, watching ABS-CBN when the commercial plug for Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? was shown, and Kris Aquino was like intervening the lives of contestant again (for the nth time). She was talking to this girl contestant, who incidentally, named MATS. I was thinking, siya kaya si Ate Mats namin from AllStar PBBFG?

Then, hndi pala siya un... hehehe... silly me...

Anyway, after that mistake, the phone rang and my Tita Anna called in to ask me if i can teach his son, again incidentally named Charles,so I said "yes". We started around 7pm and finished at 9:30. Gosh! For the 1st time, I missed Super Inggo.

Pareng Budong, Pareng Jomar... miss you na... hehehe

Just being silly.


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