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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gee confesses: I’m really getting aggravated with those PARINIG hullabaloos

Well, the results of the 1st nomination are already up.

Actually, I do feel strange after reading our reasons considering that I really have ideas about the real peepz behind those code names….

And I’m seeing some vicious reactions. Hmmmm, I can’t blame them. It’s natural! As I’ve said before, we’re only humans!

It’s normal to act gushy with a taste of bitterness after seeing such reasons. BUT in the first place, who said that we shouldn’t take ANYTHING personally here in this game right? BBK once said that this game’s main goal is to develop friendship by means of showing the real you. And that comprises how each ASVH in this house make their nominations. I agree with Charles, nagpapakatoto din naman ang mga bumoboto. This is still a game. And, oh well, can anyone tell me the meaning of REAL PERSON in this house? The phrase is very indistinguishable! Haha! Sorry…

For ate Trish’s confession, whoa! A very mad entry indeed… As I’ve said above, I can’t blame you for reacting that way because you have the right. Pero sana, you’ve said the people involving your issue nah. I think it’s better kasi nga gulo rin naman ang aabutin niyan if ever. Kilala naman ng mga taong iyon kung sino sila.. : )

I’m very sorry to say this pero I’m really getting aggravated with those PARINIG hullabaloos. PLEASE, if you have something against someone, say it directly. Don’t let other peeps speculate who’s behind whom because it’s really worthless. Well, it might offend someone uninvolved though diba? What do you think will happen next?

For Charles naman, haha! May tendency ka rin palang maging mataray DUDE! Nagulat ako! Wahahaha… Mahal na kita bro… Mwaaahnesss!

Anyhow, wala pa nmng evicted so let us all calm down, although nakaka tense siya. I'm kinda worrying for someone... Hayyyy...

So ayun… Lesson na sa ating lahat ha ( kasama ako!). I’m closing this entry by repeating a statement that I’ve read frequently in this house…


Ciao!!! : )


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