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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Charles confesses: Nagpakatotoo lang din naman ung mga bumoto

So, nagkaroon na ng resulta ang nominasyon, although, hndi pa talaga malinaw kung sino ang matatanggal.

Nakita ko sa ibang confession ng mga co-VH ko ang kanilang reaksyon. some of them are being. sabi nila, nagpakatotoo sila. nagpakatotoo lang din naman ung mga bumoto. AND may i remind you, this is a game.

Im just intrigue by the confession of trish, saying that they are the best 4 of season 1. well, that same goes for the others. Mats, Pao and other season 2 VH are the best of their season, and me, gee, and other season 3 VHs are the best of our season. so, what's the fuss? i will not question who is the best in their own season, but we must answer, who is the best of the allstar season? now, that's worth more.

And being a "pirated cd", oh, we did not decide to be a pirated cd.
BBK started recruiting for Season 2 and 3, so it'll be BBK's faults if WE ARE pirated cd. but who cares, if we are pirated cd, diba nga MAS BINIBILI ng tao pirated cd, kumpara sa original CD.


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