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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gee confesses: On my own understanding, they are still part of this game

The updates of my co-asvhs are so touchy! Seeing those pics from Ate Mats’s thread makes me smile and reminisce… I really love their company BBK. And it makes me feel sad right now knowing that this game is getting near to its end.

I was talking to Ate Mats yesterday, and we were both lonely. We felt the same way. We were talking on how our lives will be after this virtual game. This game has been part of my everyday life and the idea that we’ll be leaving this, again, makes me feel sad. I’m really thankful that I had this chance to know all of them. They are all wonderful.

Anyway, I just read Ate Mats’s confession and I’ve seen that she got 2 EP. I am just wondering, she got EP because she commented on an ex-vh’s question right? You know what, I just don’t get it. I really can’t get it!

We can not comment on an ex vh’s question and yet, we can answer their questions. How weird! I found that weird BBK! That is still game related right? On my own understanding, they are still part of this game for they have the right to decide on who will be the ULTIMATE winner is. And then we can’t comment on what they have to do inside? So why we should consider answering their question then? What’s the difference BBK?

Well, just to make things clear, I am currently commenting on the RULE that makes me wonder and NOT about the juries…


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